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at the Dead Sea today, on the way here (we left at 3 am) we stopped to watch the sun rise in the desert. For a few minutes, everything went red. It was phenomenal, and worth waking up for. gunna try see the sun rise once a week for the rest of my life.

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body by Photorotic

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I wish i could go 12 years back

Teenage years are so fucked up, some people waste them more than others

I wasted them completely

Would have been a bit more disciplined with school

Those things make you think that if you were a better person back then, then probably things would be a lot different in the world, an extra act of kindness can unleash a series of good things to everyone

But teenagers waste so much time being selfish, if only i had listened to the adults and tried just a bit more to be better

I only i had known back then, is a really sad reality, i know now but half of my life has passed and the impact i can make now is not the same by far

Really sad thought and even so i think my high school years have been my best years, if just i had given a little bit more of myself to do just a few things better




nothing is more satisfying than someone walking right past ur hiding spot in hide and seek

how old are you

"thatkilljoy" living up to the url i see

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